Sustainable Livelihood Development Fund

SLD Fund

The Sustainable Livelihood Development Fund (SLD Fund) is a non-political, not-for-profit company registered in U.S.A.. The goal of the SLD Fund is to support and promote sustainable livelihood projects that empower especially women heads-of-households and physically challenged individuals and to support conservation initiatives.


Our overall vision is that the incentives we provide will create self-employment and wage-employment which would eventually enable the participants to build up asset ownership, self-esteem, and confidence.


To support projects to help the affected population as a consequence of manmade disasters initially in and around the Northern and Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. To promote sustainable livelihood development based on the interests and needs of the affected population by empowering women heads-of-households including women with disabled spouses and abandoned women with children, and physically challenged individuals and also to support conservation initiatives.


To fund, provide training and continued guidance to achieve the above objectives and vision.


Women are the center pillars of the family and the neighborhood. Women who are head of household, with disabled spouse, abandon with children or physically challenged individual need employment opportunities to empower them. Many schools do not have programs that teach or train students the value of volunteerism or basic concepts of conservation.


Funds will be provided especially to individuals with entrepreneurial spirit that offer sustainable employment opportunities. Our funding will be based on micro-partnerships model; projects will be funded as an equal partner till it becomes successful.

Home Garden

Funds to provide seedlings to cultivate cash value plants and home garden plants that provide a sustainable income to families.


Funds will be provided to schools that offer students an opportunity for weekend community service especially in the disadvantaged regions and also to organize conservation clubs that teach the basic concepts of conservation.

Diversified Activity

Fund projects that assist livelihood

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